Enablers has been formed to cater to a very niche market need and market segment i.e. the CORPORATE ENTITY.

However, we at Enablers believe that every Corporate requires the type and quality of service offered by Enablers.

The basic Corporate need for premium Human Resource which forms an integral part of the Corporate resource is vital for an organisation to survive in today highly evolved and competitive environment.

Apart from the technological advances and inventions which affect the productivity of an organisation — it is well known to all of us that it is the Human Resource which differentiates the successful company from the “also ran”.

Companies all over the world are investing huge amounts of capital in their human resource as a recognition of this fact. We at Enablers believe that we can be of great help towards this goal of “optimisation” of the ‘HUMAN RESOURCE’.

We are a team of mental health professionals who have been working with several companies over the past 2 to 3 decades and feel that it is high time that a specialised and specific service needs to be created for delivering premium, efficient, and effective service.

Enablers will go a long way to fulfilling a need which has been expressed by many companies to offer an EXCLUSIVE comprehensive service for the CORPORATE SECTOR.

Narendra Kinger and Nitin Shah are the 2 Directors of ENABLERS looking after the day to day operations.

Enablers was formed by Mr. Narendra Kinger, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist practicing at Mumbai for the past 25 years along with Mr. Nitin Shah, a Science graduate with Microbiology from Mumbai in March 2011 to provide a very niche service to the CORPORATE Sector.

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