ENABLERS has a module whereby it can offer professional psychometric and counseling services to Schools and Colleges. Since, we specialize in assessment of large groups.


Aptitude is the "Special Ability" of an individual which will help him or her to achieve success in a particular field or career. Different students have differing aptitudes and differing levels of ability. Through the use of an aptitude test we are able to scientifically assess the 'strengths' and 'weaknesses' of an individual. The testing will then serve as a guide to enhance the strengths and overcome the weak aspects.

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The intelligence ability of an individual plays a significant role in academic achievement. Intelligence tests are used internationally to estimate the "intellectual potential" of an individual and match it with their aptitudes. This gives a better understanding for career counseling.

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Some students may have specific interests in certain occupations or careers. This may or may not be backed up by aptitudes for those careers. However, interest inventories help in mapping the specific interest of a student.

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We are all unique individuals with unique personalities. Different personality traits and their interplay determine the complex interplay of the unique "individual" human being. Personality tests identify these traits which can then be matched to career requirements to give a "better fit" of individual traits to job requirements.

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The test reports will be given after one week and parents and students will be counseled individually about suitable career options based on their test performance on all of the above and appropriate measures advised.

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