Exuberance (we conducted in Rizvi Springfield School,Bandra (West))
Marriage Counselling
Communication - language solutions for today's business
Button Pushers - how to deal with difficult people
Truth and Lies - learn to be a human lie detector
De - S tressing the Workplace - how to keep your wits when the pressure is on
Corporate Training - how you can pull your team together
Understanding Behavior - profiling personalities for success
Nonverbal Communication - reading and utilizing body language
Written Communication
What You Guide, GROWS
What's Automatic, ACCELERATES
Emphasise The Right Moments, Not The CLOCK "
Race Your Own Race, TOGETHER
What You demonstrate, Becomes REAL
Excel under PRESSURE
Stay Hungry, Stay FOOLISH
The Neuroscience Of CHANGE
The I0 step Program for enhancing your Intuitive abilities
FOCUS, Not Time
CAPACITY, Not Conformity
ENERGY, Not Effort
IMPACT, Not Intentions

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